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Hosting Tahoe creates and Hosts vacation packages in the Lake Tahoe Basin for Groups of 6-14.

 Beach n' Boat Package

Menu & Itinerary

Day 1 (Arrival Day)

Airport Pickup/ Drive to Rental Home/ Meet at Rental Home (if driving)

Appetizer: Caprese Skewers/ Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers 

Pick Bedrooms/ Relax as dinner is prepared

Dinner: Chicken and Steak Skewers/ Pasta Salad/ Garden Salad/ Garlic Bread

Recommended Activity: Drinks @ McP's/ Improv at Harvey's (stand-up comedy/ $25-$30 per ticket/ Not included in Package)/ Casinos to follow

Alternative Activities: Relax at the house with Movies/ Games/ Drinks/ Hot Tub or Bars and/or Casinos - we have recommendations!

Day 2 (Beach n' Boat):

Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches: Sausage and/or Bacon, Egg and Cheese on choice of bread. Cereal/ Yogurt/ Coffee/ Tea/ OJ are always available! 

BEACH (reserved spot - no need to rush) - Beach Towels/ Chairs/ Tents/ BBQ's/ Stocked Cooler/ Cornhole/ Bocce Ball/ Volleyball/ Ladder Golf/ Etc - all included!  

BOATING - piloted ski/ wakeboard boat included! Take turns (boarding (morning) and tubing (afternoon) or just relaxing on the water. $500 + Fuel

Lunch: Beacon Bar @ Camp Richardson - Not Included in Package

Afternoon: more of the same!

POST LAKE: Showers/ Naps/ Hot Tub 

Appetizer:  Chips/ Queso Dip/ Salsa/ Guacamole 

Dinner: Skirt Steak Tacos/ Chicken Fajitas/ Black Bean Salad/ Refried Beans/ Mexican Rice/ TOPPINGS/ Caesar Salad  

Recommended Activity: Sunset Drinks at Riva Grill/ Walk (or ride) to Heavenly Village (bars/ shops/ activities)/ Casinos

Alternative Activity: Relax at the house with Movies/ Games/ Drinks/ Hot Tub

Day 3 (Hike/ Boating):

Breakfast: Bagels and Lox, Cream Cheese, Capers, Frittata, Fresh Fruit - Cereal/ Yogurt/ Coffee/ Tea/ OJ are always available

Activity Options: 

TAKE A HIKE: your Host will recommend the hike that best fits your groups' collective ability/ desire and lead the way to stunning views!


WINE TASTING: It's a bit of a drive (roughly 1.5 hrs) to the El Dorado wineries, but the views are spectacular... as is the wine!

BEACH AND BOAT DAY: Can't get enough of the Lake? Head out to Emerald Bay, tour Vikingsholm, relax with a few drinks. Wakeboarding available in the morning (gets choppy by 9:00), tubing in the afternoon! $500+fuel

SIGHTSEEING: First time to Tahoe? We'll take the 72 mile drive around the lake with stops at Emerald Bay, Sugar Pine, Olympic Village at Squaw, Kings Beach and Sand Harbor

GOLF: Tee it up! We'll recommend the course and drop off the golfers - anyone not golfing can join us for a separate excursion

DISK GOLF: Free/ Fun Activity! South Lake Tahoe has a GREAT 27 hole disk golf course available to play for free! No Disks? We'll rent you a set of three (Driver/ Mid-Range/ Putter) for $10 per set

Lunch: En Route to whichever activity you've selected for the day. Not included in package 

Dinner: Tri-Tip and Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Red Potatoes, Dinner Rolls

Dinner Alternative: Prefer a night on the town? We have LOTS of recommendations based on your taste and budget!  

Recommended Activity: Relax at the house with Movies/ Games/ Drinks/ Hot Tub

Alternative Activity: On the Town - Pick your favorite Bar or Casino from the weekend and start the night there - no curfews on this trip!  

Day 4 (checkout/ sightseeing): 

Breakfast: Continental - Fresh Fruit/ Cereal/ Toast/ English Muffins/ Yogurt

Checkout: Cleanup and Checkout! 

Optional: Sightseeing/ Lunch Option; Virginia City, Incline Village/ Mt. Rose, Olympic Village (Squaw), Truckee or Hope Valley in Route to the Airport (TIME PERMITTING)  

Airport Drop-off/ Departure  


Pricing does NOT include Vacation Rental Home or boat fuel!  Rental home pricing varies by size/ location/ amenities - if you don't have a home in mind, we're happy to make recommendations! 

3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights
6 Guests $599.00 $729.00 $849.00
7 Guests $569.00 $679.00 $789.00
8 Guests $539.00 $639.00 $739.00
9 Guests $509.00 $599.00 $689.00
10+ Guests $499.00 $589.00 $679.00

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